Adolescent, Young Adult, and Family Psychotherapy Services

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Knowing others is intelligence;
Knowing oneself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
Mastering oneself is true power.
-Lao Tzu

Arete Services

Individual and Family Psychotherapy

Here at Arete we perform comprehensive intake assessments and develop individualized treatment plans for all clients entering psychotherapy. While young people frequently come or are brought to therapy for a particular complaint or issue, we make every effort to attend to all aspects of an adolescent or young adult’s life and to translate success in one area into gains in all other areas – improving behavior, developing a more positive self-concept, strengthening academic performance, and clarifying life direction.  Families play an integral role in the therapy of young clients, as families can help support and apply what clients learn in individual therapy. Consequently, for these patients, Dr. Abbott will routinely meet with parents to address young clients’ treatment and progress unless it is otherwise indicated. In general, and in particular with young adult clients, privacy is important and will always be respected.

Family and Extended Family Psychotherapy

As in the case of individual therapy, Dr. Abbott has extensive training and experience providing family and extended family psychotherapy, the aim of which is to address each individual family member’s needs while confronting challenges facing the entire family system. As is the case in individual therapy, treatment is tailored to the unique needs of each family. In particular when working with younger adolescents, even if the initial structure of the treatment is individually focused, it is likely that Dr. Abbott will recommend some level of family engagement in therapy sessions at the appropriate moment. In many situations, both current research and clinical experience has shown that this can a powerful tool for creating change.

Mindfulness Practice

Dr. Abbott has studied, taught, and practiced mindfulness techniques such as meditation for many years and offers these to his clients as a primary intervention or as an adjunct to traditional therapy. Ancient wisdom about creating equanimity of mind, emotional balance, and a non-reactive mode of engaging with others and the world around us has become cutting-edge clinical practice and is incredibly effective at addressing a myriad of modern psychological problems. As corollaries of mindfulness practice, the importance of teaching young people emotional self-regulation, distress tolerance, and better communication skills simply cannot be overstated.

Special Education Evaluations

Many families have concerns about navigating the complexities of special education services, obtaining evaluations for accommodations and extra support, and in requesting that Individual Education Plans (IEP) be instituted for their child. Dr. Abbott has worked with most local high schools and colleges as an advocate for the child and a resource for school staff in this process and will attend PPT meetings, communicate regularly with school psychologists and staff, and mediate between all parties concerned with helping the child (or college student) achieve the greatest success possible.

Educational Consulting and Placement

Dr. Abbott will perform or integrate (existing) comprehensive evaluations of a student’s psychological, intellectual, social and emotional status, and then collaborate with families to locate and refine the choices of educational or treatment settings and further assist with the application and admissions process. In addition, Dr. Abbott has supervised Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) in hospital settings and can refer clients to these programs if needed, and has extensive experience with Outdoor Therapy (Wilderness) programs and Therapeutic Boarding Schools as longer-term treatment alternatives.

Group Psychotherapy

Arete provides group therapy for adolescents and young adults at different times depending upon interest. Group therapy combines the power of peer-interaction and support with the experience of skilled group leaders to facilitate positive change. Group membership is based on age, treatment issue, and group therapy approach (interactive group vs. psycho-educational group where specific skills are taught). Examples of group topics include anger management, social skills, adoption, and substance use.


Some young clients may benefit from psychiatric medications to augment their treatment. Dr. Abbott is part of a network of adolescent and young adult psychiatrists and advanced practice nurse specialists who provide medication evaluations and management. To maximize the availability of such resources, Arete uses both affiliated independent practitioners as well as professionals working under contract with Arete.


Hi Scott, it's been a very long time. I wanted to let you know that C is doing well (and I'm knocking wood as I type this!). She's in her second year at University as a social work major and is very involved in her sorority. Her relationship with her dad is so much better - in fact tonight on his way home they had a long conversation about the election which she has been very fired up about. We are incredibly thankful and proud of her and wanted to let you know since you were a big part in getting her to this point.  I hope all is well with you".

Mom, Cheshire